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Jungles are pretty cool, well they actually are rather hot and moist compared to most regions of the world but you get my point. Jungles are filled with varied and complex ecosystems. Jungles are vast and large regions, but sadly due to the harvesting of trees for wood they have been dwindling in size.


Australian Buloke-

Ever wanted to hit someone over the head with a 2x4? Here's a little help, while this wood isn't the strongest it's certainly the hardest. Found in Australia it's safe presume that it is quite deadly, and what do you know it has a Janka hardness of 5,060 lbf that's 22,510 N. And as for what those numbers mean, they are basically the amount of force that's required to dent the wood using a small steel ball. To give you some perspective the bite from an adult American alligator is around 9,000 N. It would take something over twice as strong as an alligator to dent this wood, that's truly amazing.

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