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Tree 3-

Mathmatics can be very fun, especially when you get something that you didn't expect. The Tree sequence was found by Harvey Friedman and it's rather interesting. The really cool thing about the sequence is how fast it grows, TREE(1)= 1, TREE(2)= 3. All seemes normal, but then Tree(3) happens. To call it large would be an understatement, it's purely MASSIVE. TREE(3) is larger than Graham's Number, a very famous number due to its immense size. I would normally show you it in scientific notation, but that just doesn't work when you get to numbers this big.



Mathematical knots follow some pretty simple rules, they must be a single string and they must not be able to be undone or unraveled into a previous knot. Although the rules are rather simple knots can become very complex and intricate. Knots can also look pretty amazing, some because of the pleasant symmetrical curves and others because of the sheer complexity.

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